Unnai Pol Oruvan – not exactly

Having read quite a few reviews and after watching the movie twice, I feel the movie is a very good one, but a little below perfection. I am mentioning the points which I noticed in this movie, and not the ones I noticed in the original movie, ‘A Wednesday’.


DIRECTION: Chakri Toleti

  • The movie is well directed, right from the starting scenes where each character is introduced one after the other. The scenes provide a very good character sketch of every person.
  • There are quite a few mistakes in direction. The most important one which I noticed was that the clocks in the WAR room wall were not working. For every scene, they were just reset to an appropriate time. The second hand of the clocks were not moving. This probably shows that there had been retakes, and the clocks therefore were kept at a constant time.
  • When Inspector Arif arrives at Commissioner’s office, two constables wish him “Good Morning”. Sometime later, the reporter says that she received the call from the unknown person (Kamal Haasan) at 12 noon. Arif comes only after this incident happens. Which means, the constables must have wished him”Good Afternoon”.
  • To diffuse the bomb, Kamal Gives the instructions in the following order: Join the blue and red wires and then cut the green wire. But while Mohan Lal conveys the same instruction to the Bomb Squad personnel, he tells it in the reverse order. But the personnel acts according to the original order. While dealing with bombs, the order might probably matter.
  • As far as I know, there is no train that goes from Chennai to Madurai corresponding to the time mentioned in the movie. Probably it was some special train.
  • The TV’s in the WAR room wall show the same video over and over again.
  • The reporter is shown to be a smoker. She is shown holding the cigarette, lighting it, and taking it away from the mouth, in three different scenes. She is never shown ‘really’ smoking. A good one.
  • Instead of bringing in the CM as is the case in the original, here, the CM’s voice has been used, which has turned out to be a really good idea. And also showing the Chief Secretary moving out of the CM’s house is a very good thought, because, the shot has been taken at CM’s residence in Chennai (or probably a replica of the residence,but still, a good idea).
  • Portraying the Chief Secretary as a timid person but trying to hide her fear is really good.
  • It is a bold move to make a movie in Tamil without any songs that break the continuity of the narration.
  • I feel the direction was a bit better in the original hindi movie, ‘A Wednesday’.


The background score by Shruti Hassan is a let-down. The music starts and ends abruptly, at random places. Music plays a huge role in movies of this genre. they influence the mindset of the audience. From this perspective, the movie lacked a good background score.


  • Not much deviation from the original.
  • The incident which Kamal Haasan narrates as the one which affected him, is a bit too gruesome than the incident narrated in the original movie. I feel it was not required.


  • Kamal Haasan has delivered his dialogues very well. But the highlights are areas where he speaks through his actions, without a word spoken.
  • When Mohan Lal becomes too serious about what he is talking, he shifts to Malayalam, and that is very realistic and natural.
  • The reporter mixes pure tamil with colloquial tamil very often. Sometimes, it sounds too odd.
  • Some dialogues, which were very prominent and unique in the original. failed to impress in the tamil version. Sometimes this has been because of the background score. Two such dialogues that come to my mind are: “that(dropout) was by choice” by the hacker, and “I guessed so” by Mohan Lal, when Kamal Haasan says that there are no bombs placed elsewhere.

Overall, a few questions still linger in my mind:

Did the audience get the feel that Kamal Haasan was a common man? In other words, was Kamal Haasan suited for this role? This question needs an answer because, in Tamil Nadu, where Kamal Haasan is worshipped as a hero, it is really tough to find a place in the heart of the audience as a common man. I’d say, Kamal Haasan did justice to his role, but he was just not suited for it. Nazeeruddin Shah was more appealing as a common man, in the original movie (I have this feeling probably because that is the only movie of Nazeeruddin Shah that I’ve seen).

When a movie of such importance is made, with great actors and a greater story, perfection is expected. The better the quality of the movie is, the more the trivial mistakes matter…

SFD @ NIT Trichy – Cloud Computing Workshop

It was Software Freedom Day Celebrations at NIT Trichy. And how better could the day have been!! For the first time, Sun Club of NIT Trichy and GLUG-T, The Linux User Group joined hands to conduct the event. We had organized a workshop on cloud computing and Linux/Opensolaris Install Festival.

The way we publicized the event requires a special mention. The hall was confirmed only on the penultimate day, and so we could not put up posters earlier. I designed a poster in a hurry and asked my friends to put them up at strategic places inside the college. And then we sent an SMS to more than 200 students – to all those who had attended our earlier workshops. I had asked the students to register by sending a reply to my number, providing their names and roll numbers, just to have an approximate idea about how many students might be attending the event. This proved to be really effective, and I received about 40 replies in the next two hours. We had a participation of more than 60 students, with participants from B. Tech, M. Tech and CA branches. The hall was nearly full. More importantly, it was full of energy and enthusiasm.

I had to do a night-out to prepare the slides and learn as much as I could about Cloud Computing. And in the end, the presentation came out well, even though most of the information was taken from various sites, videos and other sources.

We asked the students to register at the registration desk and gave them OpenSolaris CD’s, data sheets and Linux Mint CD’s. We then went ahead with discussion on Cloud Computing. I talked about various concepts related to cloud computing. Aswin also chipped in a few important points in between. We also discussed about virtualization and Project Kenai. We kept the students busy and interested by occasionally asking questions and giving away gifts to those who answered.

After the discussion, we went ahead with Linux / Opensolaris Install Fest where we provided installation advice. We also provided the participants VirtualBox installation files, for those who were interested to try out the operating systems but did not want to really install on the hard disk. Special Thanks to Jithin and his GLUG-T team for guiding the students regarding the Linux Installation. Some students had various problems with their Linux/opensolaris installations. A few of them we solved on the spot, whereas the others, we had promised to look into and inform the solutions as soon as possible.

To summarize, it was a great event, an awesome audience and a lot of take-backs for the participants and the organizers. Software Freedom Day was a great success. Looking forward to organizing more such events.


மனிதர்கள் சிலநேரம் நிறம் மாறலாம்
மனங்களும் அவர் குணங்களும் தடம் மாறலாம்

இலக்கணம் சில நேரம் பிழை ஆகலாம்
எழுதிய அன்பு இலக்கியம் தவறாகலாம்

விரல்களைத் தாண்டி வளர்ந்ததைக் கண்டு
நகங்களை நாமும் நறுக்குவதுண்டு

இதில் என்ன பாவம்
எதற்கிந்த சோகம்

கிளியே …

Heard the song “நலம் வாழ எந்நாளும்” while travelling in a bus… The above lines are excerpts from the lyrics of that song. And the lines just made me sit back and think….

Kadri Gopalnath on Sax @ Festember 09

There could not have been a better start for Festember ’09, The National Level Cultural Festival of NIT Trichy. The mind-blowing performance on the saxophone by Dr. Kadri Gopalnath left the audience speechless and craving for more. He was accompanied on the violin by A. Kanyakumari and on the Mridangam by Harikumar. We also had on stage Sriram on keyboard, Raj Ganesh on Ganjeera and Raja Sekhar on the Moursing.

Kadri Gopalnath on the Saxophone

The evening was greeted by heavy showers. Incidentally, the first song was Sarasiruho Janani, set to ragam Amruthavarshini – The ragam that brings rain. With a short but kalpanaswaram, it was a testimony to the fact that the artiste was no ordinary person, and that we all have loads to learn from such stalwarts. The next song was Raghuvamsa Sudha, a refreshing piece meant for instrumentalists. The song was presented brilliantly, with an unbelievable co-ordination between sax and violin.

The main song was “Enna Thavam”, set to ragam Kapi. A brief raga elaboration was followed by the song, which brought out the emotions of the perfectly. And then was the thaniaavarthanam, which was so brilliant, the likes of which most of the audience have never heard of. The audience were tapping their feet and clapping their hands till the thaniaavarthanam ended. Anyone who had heard the rendition would have forgotten all their worldly worries and plunged into the divine world of music.

Then there were a series of light-classical songs, the first among them was “Anjali Anjali”, a song which is very famous, especially among the students of NIT Trichy. Then he performed “Kurai Ondrum Illai”, composed by Rajaji. The audience had requested him to play the theme music of the movie ‘Duet’, which he rendered immediately after. And then came the famous Tamil cine song, “Kaatrinile Varum Geetham”, which was followed by “Alaipayudhey”, set to ragam Kaanada. Then came another audience request, “Brahmamokate” in Bowli ragam. Then he performed the ragam Punnagavaraali, on which the snake tune is based. The concert came to an end with “Muthai Thiru”, a Tiruppugazh.

To summarize, it was a roller-coaster ride for all of us. A musical journey which transported all of us to an entirely different world. A world where music was eternal.


Google teaches you recursion

Ever tried to search for the term “recursion” in Google Search??? Well, it is worth a try !!

Google teaching us recursion !!!

When you search for a term having a typographical error, Google intelligently asks you, “Did you mean: … “. But on searching for “recursion“, Google asks you back, “Did you mean: recursion”, even though you’d have typed the correct spelling.

Google is really intelligent. It not only gives us links on recursion … It literally teaches us what recursion is !!!