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I’m a connoisseur of art, a concoction of assorted interests, with a creative mind and an observant eye. An explorer by choice, I am a simple guy with rich tastes. I’m ever busy, read a lot, always at my witty best, and adore intelligence. Though I look reticent by chance, I talk a dozen to ten, if we share that bond. If you respect friendship, I will like thee. If you love music, you will love me.

The Grandeur of Todi

One rAga that truly typifies Carnatic music is TODI, a profound, delightful and soothing melody. It is the 8th meLam both in the sampUrNa, and the asaMpUrNa schemes of the Carnatic music tradition. The precise name is hanumatODi in the sampUrNa paddhati, and the prefix “hanuma” is inserted to yield the meLam number 8, according to the kaTapayAdi nomenclature ((ha = 8, na =0, so hanu= 80, which when reversed gives 08). According to the asaMpUrNa scheme of VE”nkaTamakhi (a tradition faithfully followed by the dIkSItar school), tODi is the eighth  rAga”nga rAgam, known as  janatODi (again, the prefix “jana” yields the number 8 according to the “kaTapayAdi” counting, since  ja = 8, na =0).

lakSaNam (VE”nkaTamakhi):
tODiH SaDjagrahaH pUrNaH
sAyaMkAlE pragIyatE |

MELam hanumatODi / janatODi is the second mELam  belonging to the second cakram (nEtra cakram), hence it is referred to as “nEtra —  shrI”, with the mnemonic phrase    ri ga ma dha ni  or  R1 G2 M1 D1 N2.

s r g m p d n .s

.s n d p m g r s

The notes taken are: SaDjam, shuddha riSabham, sadhAraNa gAndhAram, suddha madhymam, pa~ncamam, shuddha dhaivatam and kaishiki nishAdam.

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We, the family ...

Transcending nostalgia …

We, the family ...

A few lines about my trip to US…

Memories come rushing back,
From the abyss of my soul and heart -
Fighting back my tears, at the end of a short journey.
Thank you all, for making it special – worthy of reminiscence,
and an yearning for living those eternal moments, again…

Those first images we captured on our cameras
The first view outside our windows…

The days we ran the length of Wall street,
The classrooms, seminars, cornflakes and coffee breaks.
Project meetings, design docs and (others’) codes
The Independence Day we celebrated at office,
And the days we had lunch together -
Stone Street pizza, Combo at Bombay’s and Pasta at Pax…

Hours we spent at Boston, DC, Phily and the caves,
The enchanting moments at Niagara Falls
Hiking at Woodstock and gambling (and winning) at AC
The rides at 6Flags and Universal Studios
Museums, Central Park and temples
And the *dramatic* rescue at Miami beach…

An always active room, you made mine into,
Collaborative cooking, shopping at Patel’s and the Deli’s
Movies we watched in cinemas, 20-D and 2146.
The tears of missing our family back home
With video chats and calling cards to minimalistic rescue…

Metro, PATH, ferries, buses and flights
Subway, Burger King and Chipotle,
Gatorade and Powerade and Snapple
NY Times and Wall Street Journal,
BJ’s, J&R, JCPenney, Strawberry and Macy’s
Dell, HP, iPod, Kindle and clothes…

The Morning mist
The evening chill,
The clear blue sky
The drops of rain
And the Hudson river…

Now it’s time for a few lines of specifics…

The days you told me your stories with zest,
Those incessant kicks, hits, punches and blows you gave,
And the times we walked, talked, shopped and lunched together…

The moments I read my poems to you,
The times you sang when I played the violin,
And the motherly affection and dinner table PJ’s…

The times you cried your heart to me,
The rice, sambar, rasam and omelette you made for me
And the times I shared my personal stories with you…

The dearest thatha with a trademark stare and smile,
The second you pulled me down into the sea water,
Thou shall sleep, lest the croc might awaken!…

The pair programming in Brad’s class,
The mud castles on the beach sands
And the passion for books that we both did share…

Those seconds you regretted for having heard my PJ’s
Those moments you hit thatha with all your might
And those times when you got a few from me…

My emotions now transcend nostalgia -
Countless memories are flooding my heart,
Not much space and time to pen them down.
Bidding adieu brings me tears
My only solace is the hope
that we shall relive these moments together…

Java Java jing-jing-jing … !

This song makes me love Java even more I normally do !!!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing
Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing

It’s not a cup of coffee but it’s hot as can be
Came pourin’ through the Gates on a “Big Mac” Nealy
Singin’, Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing

Microsoft thought Java really could be a threat
Java through the Windows maybe put them in debt
Gates, he took a license but he altered the feel
Java members all said, “Bill, you’re outta the deal!”
Singin’, Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing
Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing

It’s like a cup of coffee ’cause it’s tasty and fresh
But it’s not really Java if the flavours don’t mesh
Pure Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing

Microsoft released a browser, Java was there
The Sun, it rose and lit up what was really a dare
The RMI, the JNI were missing and lost
Scott said, “Bill, you broke your promise, Now pay the cost!”
Bill said, “Hey, my recipe is richer than yours”
Scott said, “I own the coffee shop, sit down and I’ll pour”
Pour Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing
Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing

Nobody can tell yet what the future may bring
All we know is Java goes jing-jing-jing
It goes Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing
(Scott really means it)
Java, Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing
(Bill you better believe it)
Java, Java Java jing-jing-jing

Download the song here:
Java Posse Jingle

This song is the intro music of Java Posse podcast, written and performed in 1997 by Loose Bruce Kerr of the Dr. Demento Show and Sun Microsystems attorney.

“Nobody can tell yet what the future may bring” …. 13 years ago !!!

With loads of love

Am I living a dream, or am I dreaming a life,
Am I dreaming a life, a life with you,
A life with you, in this beautiful world,
In this beautiful world, I am living a dream.

Let the daffodils sway with their yellow might,
And the roses spread the fragrance of love,
Let the stars sprinkle their shimmering light,
And the guardian angels guide from above.

Where can I find you, my precious art ?
Where can I see you, are you in my heart ?
The wind whispers to me, the nature whispers to me,
That love is in my heart, and love is in my eyes.

Will I get some space, in your beautiful eyes ?
Will I get some share, in your demure smile ?
Will I get some love, in your tender words ?
Will I be a part, in your blissful life ?

A favour I ask, from the Master above,
To fill this world with lots of love,
With you and me alone in the vicinity,
From the twelfth of march to eternity.

Karthik Sankar – v21.1

Karthik Sankar – v21.1 has been released and will be available as the primary version starting from today (26th May, 2010)


  • The first version (v0.1) was released on May 26, 1989.
  • Version upgrades have been carried out annually.
  • Regular patches and bug fixes have been made to every version to improve the performance, accuracy, efficiency, maturity and sensibility.


  • Release 21 is the current production quality release.
  • Among other things, it improves the processing, thanks to a better and more robust handling of in-memory emotions. It features faster and customizable parallel computing by transparently integrating distributed priority scheduling into the core thinking engine.
  • The new version also incorporates a career mode, which is a significant shift from the academic mode available in the previous versions.
  • It now provides a lightweight career framework (which in part replaces the college API), along with support for salary, deductions, tax and many new extension modules.
  • It also has professional networking features which is a value addition to the existing social networking capabilities.
  • New features and fixes will be added to this release only.
  • This is not an LTS version. For support and other queries, Click Here.