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I did not know where I was. I looked around, but could not tell whether I was on land or in skies. I felt as if I was atop a mountain. Or maybe amidst clouds. Or maybe under the ocean, admiring the corals. But the whole surrounding was beautiful. I felt as if I was born again in a different world.

Am I the only inhabitant in this land ? I listened. Any sound? No. Birds? No. Animals? No. But wait … I realised there was someone else.. Someone whom I knew. Someone whom I like. Good. So I have company in this world.

We spoke for hours together. But neither of us opened our mouths. It was then that I realised : Eyes can speak. Eyes can convey our feelings. Love, Hatred, Anger, Happiness, Sorrow, anything.

How long has it been since we met? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Or has someone redefined the unit of time? Or is the passage of time relative to the person whom we are spending time with? I had no idea. Neither did I think about these at that time..Why should I ?

We went for a walk… or were we flying? I could not figure out. Because I did not feel any ground. My legs were only too willing to carry me to the farthest places of this world. We walked for a long time, holding hands. We also had food together.  None of the worldly joys or sorrows were lodged in mind. I was very happy. We were very happy. This happiness will last for ever ………..

!@#”Hey Karthik, wake up. Time to get ready and go to college” .. my mom shouted. Was it all a dream? I looked around. My bedroom. No clouds, no corals… Hmmm… those few moments, will I ever get them back? Or was it meant to be a dream ? The walk together, the long hours(or short seconds ??) of talk, were all these meant to be a dream?? Those few moments are etched in my heart. Will we ever get to meet again in this real world? I am wondering…..

the pursuit of happiness

There has been a question that has long intrigued me … What is happiness and where can I find happiness ? One might define happiness as a life without worries and hardships. But is there such a life ? Who in this world does not have worries ? Life loses its essence if there are no challenges in it. Life would be dull.

How do you feel when you are happy ? You feel like smiling ? You wish to scream with joy ? You feel like speaking about it to someone ? And you call all this happiness ? No.

What is happiness ? Leading a luxurious life, worrying every moment whether we might lose the luxury ? Or living a contented life ? Do you feel happy when you spend time with friends at huge malls or cinema ? Or are you happy when you play cricket with neighbourhood boys ? Are you happy when you do well in exams ? Are you happy when you are praised ? Do these give you true happiness ? No. These are just feigning happiness.

So now, where does the road to happiness end ?

I feel that happiness is derived from happiness. You feel happy when you make others feel happy. You feel happy when you see a smile in the face of the person in front of you. Happiness is the feeling that you have played a small part in helping the other person feel less burdened with worries. And helping people without expecting anything in return will automatically give you happiness in return.

Give the most you can to people who are around you. Live a life for yourself and for others.

Now what to give others ? Money or food or anything else that occupies volume can be given, but they aren’t the ones that give you happiness. Give the person something which no one else can give him/her. Give them YOUR affection. Share the sorrows of friends. Share their pain. Share their joy. Share their feelings. Be a part of them. They will surely be a part of your life for ever. What else is happiness… ?

Sometimes words can heal the wounds of the heart. Sometimes your eyes can heal them. Sometimes your touch. And sometimes your presence close by alone is sufficient. Sometimes your prayers will work wonders.

We all pray God that everyone must be happy. But being happy is in our hands. Live a life of affection and love. Be happy. Keep others happy. Happiness is a gift from God. And happiness is the best gift you can give anyone….

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude…”

-Denis Waitley