chaos in dasavathaaram

Maybe this is the first time a movie is based on a famous theory. And since I anticipated this even before watching the movie, it was even more interesting as each scene convinced me that the functioning of the whole world is based on chaos theory. Clearly, the movie Dasavathaaram has made people turn pages in various books and study chaos. I did that too.

a timepass example:
Think of this.
Someone sometime in the distance past planted a sapling. The sapling grows and becomes a huge tree after many years. There is a dry twig in the tree. It falls down. A few miles apart, there is a bird. It wants to build a nest. The bird picks up the twig and takes it to a suitable place and builds a nest. The bird then lays eggs. There is a naughty boy who tries to get those eggs. He throws a stone. The stone misses and hits a small water pipe in a nearby house. The house owner sees the water leak and spends some time mending it. As a result, he starts late to office. He misses the last bus which he generally takes. And then he comes to know that the bus he missed met with an accident……. I’ll stop here.

my attempt on explaining chaos:
What exactly is chaos?
The definition goes thus: “Chaos theory attempts to explain the fact that complex and unpredictable results can and will occur in systems that are sensitive to their initial conditions”

This definition can be decrypted by telling that every event occurring around us has got some significance. What significance? No one would know until the event becomes noticeable and significant by itself. Every single event that happens in this world has a significance.

Suppose a series of events result in a final state. If even one of the events does not happen, there MIGHT have been a completely different final state. The word, “might” is important because we just cannot predict what would happen. Consider the example above. Even if one of the events had not occurred, it would have cost that person his life.

Nature is the best example for chaos theory. Everything that happens in nature might be seemingly unrelated, but they do have some relation. And nature is unpredictable. How many would have believed that the spray bottles ( deodorants, etc. ) that were being manufactured a few years before would actually contribute to the hole in ozone layer ???

The most important point in chaos theory is that the events occurring are NOT random. They just dont happen without any cause or reason. Everything follows a pattern. It is just that no one can know what the pattern is. You cannot predict the future.


How can chaos theory be related to the events in dasavathaaram ? .

Let us start from the longest possible chain of events: Had there not been the cholas, there would not have been that temple in that area. The place would not have been a heritage place, as Vincent pointed out while arguing against the sand mafia. Vincent “might” not have come to the place at all. Govind and Andal might not have had the chance to escape from them. They would not have stolen the lorry. The collision with the van would not have happened. The Muslim lady would not have been injured. They might not have gone to the hospital. And then they might not have got the freezer box…. Now you can understand the chain which continues further. This is just a single example among many.

To clearly show that there is a connection between the 12th century and the 21st century, the huge stone idol that was thrown into the waters in the past, washes ashore. The tsunami which killed many people also helped in saving millions from the mass destruction due to the bio weapon which would have caused devastation on a far greater scale. And the tsunami is due to the movements of the tectonic plates that were formed millions of years ago.

Moreover, the stone idol is rempved from the temple in the 12th century….The idol of perumal lands on a mound of sand at the same place in the 21st century ( exactly before intermission ) and both the stone idol of 12th century and the idol of 21st century are close by at the end of the movie. Now, is this coincidence ???

No one who watches the movie would fail to notice the butterfly. Of what significance is a butterfly to this kamal movie ??? It is just that the movie tries to explain “the butterfly effect”. Edward Lorenz, a meteorologist studied various patterns in weather. Using a few mathematical equations, he saw a particular sequence in the weather pattern and forecast. Another day, he tried to analyse the weather using the same set of equation but a slightly ( very very slightly ) different value. Though he did not expect the same pattern, he expected a somewhat similar pattern. But what he found was a completely different pattern. He concluded that the weather is unpredictable. These observations were the foundations for chaos theory. Lorenz published a paper in which he says that, “the flutter of a butterfly’s wings in China could, in fact, actually effect weather patterns in New York City, thousands of miles away”. Thus it came to be called as “the butterfly effect”. And hence you see a butterfly in the movie. We see the butterfly in the beginning of the movie and at the end, which just suggests that all the patterns however unpredictable they were, really connected themselves from the beginning of the story to the end.

The story begins with the stone idol and ends with the same. Kamal and Asin get separated at the beginning and they join together at the end. They hold hands on the same idol.

The movie has no confusion in it. Everything is simple. The storytelling could not have been any simpler. And the story keeps the audience guessing the next event, the next scene, the climax and more. This itself is a testimony that the makers of Dasavathaaram have succeeded in explaining the theory of chaos.

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4 thoughts on “chaos in dasavathaaram”

  1. I have never posted comments on blogs before, but your post definitely warrants a comment: Brilliant!

  2. Those chain for events would have made sense if they are predefined characters linked through the script but they are rather forced events where Kamal chose to do one of those characters just to add up to the ten roles. A good screenplay is not just chain of events but a sequence which should make sense. Plainly speaking to reach from point A to B instead of going straight Kamal goes all around in a parabolic path. Its a brilliantly conceived story with exceptional opening and climax scenes only to be filled with elongated and redundant characters.

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