With loads of love

Am I living a dream, or am I dreaming a life,
Am I dreaming a life, a life with you,
A life with you, in this beautiful world,
In this beautiful world, I am living a dream.

Let the daffodils sway with their yellow might,
And the roses spread the fragrance of love,
Let the stars sprinkle their shimmering light,
And the guardian angels guide from above.

Where can I find you, my precious art ?
Where can I see you, are you in my heart ?
The wind whispers to me, the nature whispers to me,
That love is in my heart, and love is in my eyes.

Will I get some space, in your beautiful eyes ?
Will I get some share, in your demure smile ?
Will I get some love, in your tender words ?
Will I be a part, in your blissful life ?

A favour I ask, from the Master above,
To fill this world with lots of love,
With you and me alone in the vicinity,
From the twelfth of march to eternity.

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