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The Platinum Post – ‘My 75′

Here are 75 little facts about me. Perfectly befitting a 75th blog entry !!

  1. I am weird. Insane. I am their synonyms too.
  2. I am extremely unpredictable, shifting to happy depressions with objective opinions.
  3. I spread happiness. At least, I like to believe that I do.
  4. Mokkai is a well-timed witty statement that might sound like a poor joke (PJ) to you.
  5. I put a lot of mokkai. Incessantly. And it can sometimes annoy you.
  6. Multitasking is my talent, but completing the task is not.
  7. I am most efficient when I am overloaded. I halt abruptly if I am over-overloaded.
  8. No stage fear whatsoever. When I do something that I know decently.
  9. I can’t work while listening to music.
  10. I play the violin. Quite well. About 30 concerts.
  11. I play my guru’s style. Dr. Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan. He’s no more. His music lives.
  12. I dream a lot. Am I a visionary? I don’t think so.
  13. I always dream I were a U.S. Federal Agent, or a cop with a gun. Saving the day. Unrealistic. I don’t mind.
  14. My realistic dream: to present a seminar at MIT… Yeah. You heard me right.
  15. I won’t forget my last semester exam paper. I slept off. And I had a dream too.
  16. I used to sleep maximum in my room during my semesters.
  17. None but my roommate would believe it. He’s Saurabh, the jack of all trades, and a master too.
  18. I’ve cooked once. An exam night. Maggi 2-minute Noodles.
  19. It took 7 minutes, to be precise.
  20. I eat anything vegetarian. Bitter gourd, my favourite. Your favourites come next.
  21. Milk: without sugar. Juice: without sugar. Coffee: less sugar. Because, I’m already too sweet.
  22. So is my dad.
  23. My dad cooks awesome!! but quite infrequently.
  24. My mom is the best. She loves me a lot. I love her too. She did my homeworks.
  25. Siblings, none. Feeling bad. Can’t complain, though.
  26. The next 8 points are exclusively abt me. Affirmative.
  27. Sweet angel. I am sweet, yes. But angel is a bit overboard. Agreed.
  28. Iridescent person. A man of various hues.
  29. Never-ending short-story, my biography. Planning to write one. Buyers??
  30. Delicate melancholy. I sometimes retreat into such a mood.
  31. Humble unicorn. But don’t imagine me like that, please. Not a great fan of Harry Potter, either.
  32. Uncrowned Queen’s lovable kid.
  33. Jiggling specimen. Never at a single place doing a single thing.
  34. Amethyst, the symbol of purity and truth… err.. chuck.
  35. I’m a perfectionist. I am organized, perfect, neat and clean. And I’ll expect these from you.
  36. I am a hypocrite.
  37. I hate people who are two-faced, deceitful, backstabbers.
  38. I am a Gemini.
  39. I talk a lot. Am frank and open. Sometimes a chatter-box.
  40. I am an introvert.
  41. What’s true is that I am currently very confused. Badly. Polar opposites in me
  42. What’s false is the point stated next to my DOB.
  43. I won’t start anything unless I have my full heart into it. But my heart is a constant variable.
  44. My handwriting is generally excellent. My mood must be conducive to that.
  45. I love Tamil – to read, write, speak and listen to. I like Mallu too. Hindi eludes me.
  46. I write Tamil poetry – long ones. I have my own style.
  47. I hate India’s population growth rate when I don’t get tickets in train. I wish it reduces.
  48. Personally, not planning to support the above cause in future.
  49. I hate it when I drop my mobile phone. Got to bend down.
  50. I like green. The colour of leaves. 00FF00.
  51. I love walking long distances. Brisk walk. I need a good company, though.
  52. Silence – I love it. I hear music in it, but not for long.
  53. Movies – I have a huge collection of them. I usually doze off by the time I decide which one to watch.
  54. I wore braces. I still am not satisfied with my teeth alignment.
  55. I wear glasses. I am myopic, only w.r.t. eyesight. -3 Dioptre.
  56. I hate becoming fatter. And I hate people pointing it out to me.
  57. I go for a jog. Every day. Starting from today.
  58. I convince people easily. I get convinced easily too.
  59. Egosurfing is one thing I do quite often. And I am currently quite happy with the results.
  60. I hate boasting and showing off. I hate myself when I do so.
  61. I adapt. Effortlessly. I will be you when I am with you.
  62. I sleep in awkward poses. And I never wake up from the place I slept.
  63. I am a good observer of the finer details.
  64. I firmly believe world is moving back to Stone Age. With increasing power cuts.
  65. I’ve planned to enjoy my life to the fullest before Dec 21, 2012
  66. If Newton is right, I have time till the year 2060
  67. I have gone out on dates. Shhhh!
  68. People find it difficult to associate romance with me. Yet to prove them wrong.
  69. I am the honey bunch of my sweetie pie.
  70. I make things happen. If I firmly believe I can, it’s done
  71. I’m misunderstood sometimes. Not for long.
  72. I take care. Of everything and everyone. Perfectly. Now, don’t scroll up to 60.
  73. I know you just read 60. Never mind. I forgive easily.
  74. This is a trailer of my personality. I haven’t seen the full picture myself.
  75. That’s it. Done. End of story…