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Karthik Sankar – v21.1

Karthik Sankar – v21.1 has been released and will be available as the primary version starting from today (26th May, 2010)


  • The first version (v0.1) was released on May 26, 1989.
  • Version upgrades have been carried out annually.
  • Regular patches and bug fixes have been made to every version to improve the performance, accuracy, efficiency, maturity and sensibility.


  • Release 21 is the current production quality release.
  • Among other things, it improves the processing, thanks to a better and more robust handling of in-memory emotions. It features faster and customizable parallel computing by transparently integrating distributed priority scheduling into the core thinking engine.
  • The new version also incorporates a career mode, which is a significant shift from the academic mode available in the previous versions.
  • It now provides a lightweight career framework (which in part replaces the college API), along with support for salary, deductions, tax and many new extension modules.
  • It also has professional networking features which is a value addition to the existing social networking capabilities.
  • New features and fixes will be added to this release only.
  • This is not an LTS version. For support and other queries, Click Here.


the cake

my first b’day cake

My first ever Birthday Cake !!!

And what a nice way to celebrate !! In Bangalore, terrace of Goldman Sachs office building, after sunset. How better could it have been !

“Haven’t you ever cut a birthday cake before??” – Nope. Am a first timer. And probably a long wait for a party like this !

It was a quite unexpected party thrown in by friends, fellow interns and seniors. And special thanks for all, for having wisely decided against giving me bumps.

And the chocolate cake – it was really awesome !!!