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Cloud 20/20 Paper Presentation Contest – Third Place !!

It was a fantastic day at Bangalore. The Grand Finale of UNISYS Cloud 20/20 Technical Paper Presentation Contest was held at ITC Hotel yesterday. I was one of the finalists and I presented my paper on cloud computing to an audience of 400, which comprised of eminent personalities and stalwarts from the industry. I won the Third Place and was awarded a Nokia N97 mobile phone !!

It all started mid-November. A friend of mine, Venki, informed me about this contest on cloud computing. I went through the details and thought I could put some effort into it. I was not new to Cloud Computing since I had already conducted workshop on that topic in college. I got into action and learnt more about the topic and the challenges faced by this new computing paradigm. I decided to work on application development on the cloud. I came up with a topic: “Realizing Parallelism and Transparency in Applications Through Idempotence”. Wrote an abstract, submitted it, and waited for the results.

I was one among the sixty students shortlisted for the technical paper round. I had about a month to work on my technical paper. I browsed various papers and articles on the topic. Read about the current trends and what kind of applications cloud computing can expect in the future. I thus came up with a pretty decent technical paper, stating the problems and solutions. even though I did not have much hope of getting through to the next round, I eagerly awaited the results.

One evening I got a call telling that I am through to the telephone interview round. This news made me prepare myself well for the interview due to happen the next day. The telephone interview did not go well, since I was literally running and gasping for breath when my phone rang. I could not answer properly, even though I knew the answers. At the end of the day, I had lost all hopes.

But it was a pleasant surprise to see my name listed as one of the six finalists. I had to prepare a presentation for the finals. I worked a lot on it and prepared the slides. I flew to Bangalore and stayed at HM Suites, an excellent place.

The final round was on 15th. I met the other finalists. We got to know each other and became good friends. We had to present our paper to a panel of judges. The panel included eminent geniuses, Bob Supnik (CTO, UNISYS), Dr. Michael Salsburg (Chief Architect, UNISYS) and others. We all were a bit nervous. But the finals went on really well. Results were not announced until the next morning.

The Cloud 20/20 Grand Finale was a fabulous event. A lot of people from UNISYS, HP, Oracle, etc had been present. The entire day was packed with events, seminars and presentations. We were given a chance to present our papers to the audience, and the experience was really great. We were awarded the prizes by Bob Supnik. Deepak from IIIT-B won the first prize, an Apple Macbook Air Laptop. The second place was won by Kiran from IIIT-H, who got a Sony Vaio Laptop. I won the Third Place.

There was also a media event where the media was briefed about the entire event. Our names, I believe, appeared in quite a few papers. But I could get hold of Deccan Chronicle only.

Overall, it was a really great experience. And this was my first technical paper presentation. All thanks to UNISYS for organizing this event successfully and providing me an opportunity to explore more into the world of cloud computing.

SFD @ NIT Trichy – Cloud Computing Workshop

It was Software Freedom Day Celebrations at NIT Trichy. And how better could the day have been!! For the first time, Sun Club of NIT Trichy and GLUG-T, The Linux User Group joined hands to conduct the event. We had organized a workshop on cloud computing and Linux/Opensolaris Install Festival.

The way we publicized the event requires a special mention. The hall was confirmed only on the penultimate day, and so we could not put up posters earlier. I designed a poster in a hurry and asked my friends to put them up at strategic places inside the college. And then we sent an SMS to more than 200 students – to all those who had attended our earlier workshops. I had asked the students to register by sending a reply to my number, providing their names and roll numbers, just to have an approximate idea about how many students might be attending the event. This proved to be really effective, and I received about 40 replies in the next two hours. We had a participation of more than 60 students, with participants from B. Tech, M. Tech and CA branches. The hall was nearly full. More importantly, it was full of energy and enthusiasm.

I had to do a night-out to prepare the slides and learn as much as I could about Cloud Computing. And in the end, the presentation came out well, even though most of the information was taken from various sites, videos and other sources.

We asked the students to register at the registration desk and gave them OpenSolaris CD’s, data sheets and Linux Mint CD’s. We then went ahead with discussion on Cloud Computing. I talked about various concepts related to cloud computing. Aswin also chipped in a few important points in between. We also discussed about virtualization and Project Kenai. We kept the students busy and interested by occasionally asking questions and giving away gifts to those who answered.

After the discussion, we went ahead with Linux / Opensolaris Install Fest where we provided installation advice. We also provided the participants VirtualBox installation files, for those who were interested to try out the operating systems but did not want to really install on the hard disk. Special Thanks to Jithin and his GLUG-T team for guiding the students regarding the Linux Installation. Some students had various problems with their Linux/opensolaris installations. A few of them we solved on the spot, whereas the others, we had promised to look into and inform the solutions as soon as possible.

To summarize, it was a great event, an awesome audience and a lot of take-backs for the participants and the organizers. Software Freedom Day was a great success. Looking forward to organizing more such events.