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anger management

Have you ever noticed how water flows ? What would happen if there is a huge stone blocking its path ? Never would it try to go through the rock. It rather would flow gently along its sides, doing no harm to the rock. This character of water must teach us something.

Bombard against anything, but not against a stone wall. It is you who would get hurt, and not the wall. Patience is a virtue. Controlling ones emotions is another. Giving vent to anger then and there will do no good. It will harm you and the people around you.

There are people in this society who would love to help you. There are people out there who might cause harm, intentionally or otherwise. There is no use in being infuriated by the actions of such people. Maybe they had a genuine reason for their actions. Or it is possible that their actions were unavoidable. Or they might not be fortunate enough to love and be loved.

There is corruption everywhere. Many minds are corrupted. Many hands are corrupted. Every time we find something wrong happening, we get furious. Our conscience forces us to attack, to fight. But sometimes, we must think whether it is worth attacking, worth showing force. The world is never going to change if it is anger that is rooted in the minds of the reformers.

The best way to attack is to do good, to spread love. To make people realize their mistakes by themselves, To make people feel ashamed by their own acts. We must help them to change their path. This is the Gandhian way of life. No one would get hurt, No one would feel bad. Everything would end on a happy note.

Angry words and angry deeds would bring us more enemies than friends. It would make us distance away from the good things in this world. It would snatch happiness away from us. It is never wrong to get angry. But one should know to control anger. Don’t let anger storm out of you every time. Don’t let it do any harm.

When there is something good that you have lost, don’t get angry. Be patient. There is something better coming towards you. Keep smiling. Spread happiness. Be like water, flow along the sides of the rock, In due course of time, the rock would get eroded by the flow of water and the path would be clear.

the pursuit of happiness

There has been a question that has long intrigued me … What is happiness and where can I find happiness ? One might define happiness as a life without worries and hardships. But is there such a life ? Who in this world does not have worries ? Life loses its essence if there are no challenges in it. Life would be dull.

How do you feel when you are happy ? You feel like smiling ? You wish to scream with joy ? You feel like speaking about it to someone ? And you call all this happiness ? No.

What is happiness ? Leading a luxurious life, worrying every moment whether we might lose the luxury ? Or living a contented life ? Do you feel happy when you spend time with friends at huge malls or cinema ? Or are you happy when you play cricket with neighbourhood boys ? Are you happy when you do well in exams ? Are you happy when you are praised ? Do these give you true happiness ? No. These are just feigning happiness.

So now, where does the road to happiness end ?

I feel that happiness is derived from happiness. You feel happy when you make others feel happy. You feel happy when you see a smile in the face of the person in front of you. Happiness is the feeling that you have played a small part in helping the other person feel less burdened with worries. And helping people without expecting anything in return will automatically give you happiness in return.

Give the most you can to people who are around you. Live a life for yourself and for others.

Now what to give others ? Money or food or anything else that occupies volume can be given, but they aren’t the ones that give you happiness. Give the person something which no one else can give him/her. Give them YOUR affection. Share the sorrows of friends. Share their pain. Share their joy. Share their feelings. Be a part of them. They will surely be a part of your life for ever. What else is happiness… ?

Sometimes words can heal the wounds of the heart. Sometimes your eyes can heal them. Sometimes your touch. And sometimes your presence close by alone is sufficient. Sometimes your prayers will work wonders.

We all pray God that everyone must be happy. But being happy is in our hands. Live a life of affection and love. Be happy. Keep others happy. Happiness is a gift from God. And happiness is the best gift you can give anyone….

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude…”

-Denis Waitley