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I answered a questionnaire, probably ..

My kindergarten notes !!

I have a treasure that not many of you would possess – My kindergarten notes !!!

I answered a questionnaire, probably ..

I knew numbers till 100 !!! And I knew cursive writing. And no spelling errors, either ….

I knew Hindi !!

And … I knew more Hindi then, than I actually know now …

I probably was in UKG, or Class I. (Don’t remember, obviously!)

Wah !!! Why am I so proud of myself now ??? !!!

Thanks to my uncle and aunt for preserving this little piece of paper for almost two decades !!!

If only I knew a bit of English

For the first time I was travelling long distance, out of Tamil Nadu. It was a long journey by train to New Delhi, to attend a training programme. And I don’t know Hindi. I had been of the opinion that since English is an universal language, I can manage without Hindi. But I was wrong.

I found it very difficult to order food. The caterer did not know English. I managed to ask him if he knew Tamil. Fortunately, he understood my question and answered in the negative. All that I had to say was that I did not want dinner. I avoided English because he did not know the universal language. I tried my luck with Hindi but in vain. Finally my co-passenger helped me out and did the translation.

The next time he came for taking orders, I knew it was going to be a tough time, if i do not ask for help. Somehow I managed to convey the message. At the end, the caterer murmured something in Hindi and left. I knew he was abusing me. My neighbour translated it for me … “if only this boy knew a bit of English…”

The icing on the cake is this fact: Another co-passenger was a Japanese girl. I tried to build a conversation with her. When asked why she was in India, she said that she was here to learn Hindi and was attending classes at Benaras. Now here is something I should take as a great lesson….