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slumdog millionaire – should we celebrate the oscars??

Slumdog Millionaire has won the Oscars. And the country is celebrating. But do we have reasons to celebrate ???

The movie claims to depict passion and love and the courage to succeed in life despite all odds. But for a viewer, the more lasting impression out of the movie will be a disturbingly bad image of India. The movie shows the slums, unjust police, unethical reality show hosts, poverty, cruelty and miserable living conditions. Is that all India is all about?People believe what they see, even though it might be just a movie. What would a tourist, who has never visited India, think of this great country?

There is nothing to feel good about, in this movie... for an Indian

Movies are considered to be a platform to showcase the world about its diversity. And what has been shown in the movie is not the true India. This movie seems to have been aiming only at the awards, and not at people’s hearts. We must not fall for it.

Many Indian movies have scenes that are shot in foreign countries. How many of those Indian movies show the darker side of those countries? It is agreed that not all foreign countries have slums and not all countries suffer from poverty and unemployment in a very large scale. But every place has its darker side. The grass is never greener on the other side. And still we tend to seek the beauty in these foreign countries while we go there for a movie shoot. We probably should try something. Make a movie about the distasteful of the British, probably some huge national problem that their country is facing. And screen the movie in Britain theatres. And then expect it to be well received and sweep their box office. Will that happen?? This really is something to think about.

There is a difference between an Indian narrating the national problems in a movie and a foreigner doing the same. It would have been acceptable had these issues been depicted in a movie made by an Indian. This is because, only a true Indian can experience the spirit of India. Only a true Indian can share the suffering of a fellow citizen. Only a true Indian can live the life of an Indian and be proud of its varied culture. Any sensible Indian will agree that India is not what has been shown in the movie and it definitely is not a correct and complete picture of India.

Slumdog Millionaire claims to have extolled the ‘Spirit of Mumbai’. Has it really?? A British movie, made by a foreign director, with the lead role played by a person who has not visited India and who had had a tough time speaking with an Indian accent… I still am not able to comprehend how these foreigners claim to have experienced the Indian way of life in just a few months.

India has loyal policemen and soldiers who are ever willing to lay down their lives for the nation. India has really good talent and excellent reality shows. India has places with scenic beauty. India is trying hard to alleviate poverty. India has a comparatively good economy considering the fact that the rest of the world is feeling the heat. India has a varied culture and good people. But, will we get an opportunity again to tell the world, “Hey, this is what India is… ” ?…