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My REM Entry

At NITT, final years release a book, “REMINISCENCE”, which compiles the memories of four long years in college, the friends we met and the experiences we shared… The book contains a short article about every student of the batch, along with his/her interesting traits, characteristic features and contact details. We affectionately call it the “REM” book.

My friends wrote rem entries for me, and they were compiled by my friend and room-mate, Saurabh:

Karthik a.k.a Eskay is a GOLDen MAN with a tinge of SACcHarine that makes him an exponent of several disciplines and an extremely sweet and cordial person at heart. Perennially misinterpreted as a geek, Eskay is probably the best way “FUNDOO” can be defined. Someone who is glued to the Laptop “all night long” watching sitcoms but scores a 9 plus in every freaking semester. Give him the violin and you would feel the Gods around you for his hands on the violin are synonymous to MAGIC. A living proof of the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” a touchdown of Eskay’s pen on paper has produced exquisite works of poetry and a demonstration of his love for detail and correlation. A flipside though are his PJs. A faint tingling of his PJ (mokkai) generating nerves sends gushes of laughter from this PJ-Centre. Beware, you might be found laughing on the floor after a discourse from this magnetic human being. Manufactured with a rare quality of charming people effortlessly, Eskay has a place in everyone’s heart. He is DESIGNed to be a hardworking and diligent worker, so much so that even SUNdays are LABorious with Eskay, though this frequently puts Mr. Perfectionist in some inexorable dilemma when it comes to relationships. All in all an all-rounder who is all set to strike it rich in Life!!!

Too much exaggeration, but still, I like it a lot !!