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The world is in our hands, and we are burning it down

We are burning down the world …

The world is in our hands, and we are burning it down

Look around. Read newspapers. Corruption. Wars. Terrorism. Epidemics. Poverty. Disasters. Think. If you had previously thought that the world is a beautiful place to live in, do your calculations again. And if you still think the same, you are probably one among millions of people living in a virtual world. The real world is pathetic, and is going down into its own abyss at a speed that is beyond human comprehension.

It is perfectly human to feel a need for power. But it is the greed for power that is turning deadly in terms of scope and consequences. Corruption has become omnipresent. The rich magnets are sucking prosperity out of the needy. If corruption becomes widespread, I fear that it will no longer be illegal. It will no longer be immoral. In the end, if that remains the only means of survival, what else can we do?

Terrorism is turning out to be an unending war. The causes for terrorism are varied: Religious, Political, Economic, and other causes. We are not walking down the right path – religion is increasingly becoming defocused, politics need long-term vision but politicians have short term goals and the economic situation is strained. If we proceed in this path, we must eliminate progress from the equation.

Let’s shift from humans to nature. We are living under the presumption that our resources are infinite, nature is always generous and bountiful. Nature has selflessly given us almost all that she had had within her. Resources are depleting. Crude oil is depleting. We now find one barrel for every four we consume. Similar is the case with coal, metals and everything else we have been plundering from earth. We are facing a terminal decline.

Add to these the earthquakes, tsunami, floods, draughts and other natural calamities that are destroying lives in millions every year. Or are these nature’s own little way of implementing corrective measures?

We are presented with hundreds of circumstances on life’s adventure that we complacently take for granted. We have conveniently adapted ourselves to the present, accepting it as a part of our lives. It is the degree to which we have become accustomed to this convenience pod that thwarts imagining its obsolescence, along with that of the infrastructure based upon it.

It is high time we wake up from our virtual dreams. The reality is disheartening. The game is rapidly slipping out of our hands. When disaster strikes, it will strike us so hard that it will erase mankind from the map of the universe. Are we ready for the disillusionment? Are we ready to change our lives towards the better? Or are we getting ready to brace ourselves for the end? But please, let’s not stay oblivious to all these.

“If you don’t deal with reality, reality will deal with you”

How safe are we?

How safe are we? Can we be confident that we will not receive a bullet to our chest? Can we tell with certainty that every time we go to a market, we would come out intact; every time we board a train, we would alight too; every time we check in at the reception desk of a hotel, we would check out too? How sure are we that when we go to bed every night, we would wake up the following morning?

Every one of us lives in fear – A fear that our most precious possession – life – might be lost; a fear that we might be victims of terrorism; a fear that we are incapable of defending ourselves. And this is the same fear that incapacitates the brave in us. We can also say that this is the same fear that is being exploited by the inhuman killers.

We know that no one has the right to kill another human. No one has the right to take away the life of a fellow human being.  The world is ours and life is our gift. It is the duty of every human being to ensure that the world is a safe place to  live in. We must safeguard ourselves and our fellow humans. We must be brave, face our enemy and win them. Yet we hesitate to come out of the cocoon called fear. We hesitate to stand up against the evil. We hesitate to fight terrorism.

No one was born with the ugly paint called terrorism. No one enters this world as a terrorist. It is the world around him that changes him into one. Every one has a family. Every one has someone to care for. Every one has a human within. But the good is being blinded by the bad. People are brainwashed to believe that terrorism is the only way to solve the problems the world faces. They are made to believe that killing is the only means to teach someone a lesson. They have been pushed to the extent of calling this ‘liberation’. This is a war, a deadly battle.

But this is not a war between countries. This is not a battle between religions. This is an attack on humanity. It is our unity that is being put to test. The integrity and the secularity are being tested for their strength. If we break down or split apart under such stressful situations, then we stand to lose. The purpose of such brutal terror acts will be achieved. Their motive will be fulfilled. We must not present any opportunity for this. We must stand united. We will never be able to make an effective protest until we achieve solidarity.

We will not be safe if we lock ourselves up in our rooms. We will not be safe if we wait for someone else to take action. We will not be safe unless we overcome our fear. There is no use in worrying about the past or waiting for the future. We must learn from our past, act in the present to make the future a safe one. If we are not ready for this battle, then we will be forced to stop every person we meet on the streets and ask, “Sir, I’m concerned. Are you a terrorist?” ..